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They love it. Read what the previous attendees had to say!


Tomorrow’s industry leaders are already using technology to gain and maintain a competitive advantage over their peers — and putting it at the forefront of their business. Now is the time to either join them in embracing digital transformation, or be overtaken by those that do.....

By invitation only these leaders will share directions over an epicurean meal. An opportunity to compare, contrast and debate paths over conversations that just don't happen within the confines of the office or static of an event.



Date & Time:
Thursday, October 29th 9:30am - 5:15pm
The St. Regis San Francisco

60 Marketing leaders from San Francisco's largest brands collaborate in a day of thought-leading exchange as we examine directions from within the Office of the CMO; all under the umbrella of riveting keynotes, revealing panels, engaging round-tables and unparalleled networking.

By invitation only these leaders have been selected for the diverse and uncharted directions they've taken while on the path of disruptive business marketing.

The debate starts here as we scale up on the In-house vs agency debate that has shadowed marketing for years. A panel to explore the trends and directions companies are taking.

The #In-houseVsAgencypanel

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CMOsanfran B2B sponsors are on the edge of Enterprise Innovation


The St. Regis San Francisco

As CMOsanfran B2B is by invitation only for a select group of leading strategists who represent the biggest brands, once your registration is approved you will be provided all location and event details. You won't be disappointed as we only select the best venues to make this a memorable experience underlining the thought leading discussions and game changing relationships you'll walk away with.

Content Marketing Director, Franklin Templeton 

 Rohini Jatkar

Anita Baker

VP Marketing, Global Logic

 Michał Siwiński

Corporate VP, Marketing & BizDev, Cadence

Chief Marketing Officer, Micro Focus

Genefa Murphy

Head of Global Marketing, Bristlecone

Giselle Lopes

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Frequently Asked Questions

We partner CMO.org events with renowned keynotes that have pushed the limits of their profession to shape the future. Charles Adler,  Kickstarter co-founder, Lost Arts founder, Designer, Technologist, Advisor, Board Member. Nomadic. share insights with the office of the CMO.

Keynote by...

Kickstarter Co-Founder

Charles Adler

Every year at CXOsync we explore directions from within the Office of the CMO; what are these strategists planning and what paths are they taking? Through these discussions we're able to understand their paths and identify industry trends. By pairing our audience with a selection of industry innovators on edge of product and solution development for the enterprise we're able to incubate true thought-leaders with actionable technology. From leading blue-chips like Rakuten, Shutterstock and Onespot to newly funded start-ups this is where we gather the latest and greatest.

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How can I get to the venue?

FREE Uber passes are on us or take Valet at NO cost.

Can I refer a colleague?

All referrals must be approved by our event producer. Simply CLICK HERE to submit your referral for approval. 

Are there any speaking opportunities?

If you would like to be considered for seat on one of the panels CLICK HERE to let us know and we'll be in touch. 

Is there a FEE?

Being a closed-door event of 60 leaders that were specifically invited there is NO fee to attend.

Who can attend?

Attendees all represent end user roles at the companies they serve and are in a decision making capacity (Director Marketing, VP Marketing, CMO). Companies represented with the audience represent organizations with at least 250 employees or 100 million in revenue.

Who can not attend?

  • Non full-time staff members, consultants, or contractors

  • Former employees or individuals in transition

  • Solution providers are not permitted to join attendees in the general audience, however, we do allow solution providers to attend under the provision of a sponsorship

  • Upon RSVP, registration will decline due to personal email address and inability to verify your position and responsibilities


Kickstarter birthed a new model for the marketing and communication of newly launched products or services and these viral trends that surfaced through Kickstarter are now permeating into YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and mainstream advertising. We partner CMO.org events with renowned keynotes that have pushed the limits of their profession to disrupt the norm. Charles Adler, Kickstarter co-founder, Lost Arts founder, Designer, Technologist & Advisor shares insights with the office of the CMO.

Kickstarter co-founder Charles Adler

Kickstarter Co-Founder

Charles Adler

What to expect...

A Day of Intimate Collaboration

Through a combination of riveting keynotes, intimate panels, thought provoking firesides and engaging round tables CMOsanfran B2B presents collaboration; one evening with local peers who lead innovation within the marketing arena.

Epicurean Lunch & World Cocktails

To make a day of thought provoking content memorable, we only host at San Francisco's finest hotels.

By Invitation-Only

By hand selecting our attendees we're able to engineer an audience of top marketing leaders & strategists that curate actionable discussions - we've created a true melting pot of insight.

What Marketing Leaders Say

They love it. Read what the previous attendees had to say!


Keynote speaker was great.  Content and Delivery.  I want to use her for some of my events in the future.  I've never seen an audience so engaged AND so late in the day.  If you read this, can you email me her contact info?  I want to see if she can speak at my user conference.

- Proofpoint


Refreshingly delightful and valuable.  I'd suggest others move their schedules to accommodate this and you won't regret it.

- Open Text


Good lineup of speakers, panelists and enough time and opportunity for networking 

- HCL America



Top Marketing Leaders take stage to predict what marketing trends will peak over the next 12 months. Which prediction will crown our #CMOpsychic?

The #Predictionspanel

VP, Global Marketing Strategy, Nuance Communications

George Skaff

VP, Marketing, Opentext

Layla Revis


Vice President, marketing, SalesForce

Ben Howell

VP, Marketing, Proofpoint, Inc

Joe Schwartz

CMO's on the panel take stage to reveal directions from within the Office of the CMO; how are these marketing leaders embracing digital? We'll find out in this investigative discussion that goes beyond the successes to pin-point hurdles, strategies, best-practices and those ever important lessons learned.

The #CMOpanel

AVP Marketing,
HCL Technologies

Shimona Chadha


Amy Barzdukas

Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, Nextlaw(Dentons), Dentons

Stephen Klein


Brent Remai

CMO, BlackBerry

Mark Wilson