How can retail CMOs be innovative and use the right technology to survive and win post-pandemic? From self-service solutions to embracing omnichannel retail marketing has shifted from highlighting the product to embracing the new on-demand customer.  

On June 24th meet 3 CMOs that are driving traffic, facilitating the omni-experience and improving profitability in this new reality.  

Brigitte Boehm

CMO, Yanbal

By Invitation Only

CMOs and Marketing executives within the Retail industry join this thought provoking discussion on the new reality of Retail Marketing

60 Minutes - A World of Insight 

This 60 minute investment is curated from years of insight and experience from CMOs walking the line of Marketing Strategies.

by CMOs for CMOs

Uncut insight from Top Retail based CMOs make this both vital and close to home. 

1 Moderator, 3 CMOs, 3 Game Changing Plays 

The game has changed! Being a Retail CMO has never been more challenging than today as they are charged with increasing the consumer base through enhanced digital experiences with a fraction of last year's budget. Let's see how these 3 CMOs are leading this shift and embracing all-things digital.



A 60 minute investigative panel discussion moderated by Hamish Taylor, former CEO of Eurostar, Sainsbury's Bank and Vision UK



3 Retail based CMOs unfold years of insight on our panel to lead this conversation. This is their map to tomorrow's consumer

Take a seat on the Predictions Panel!

If you've tenured a career leading Marketing in Retail you're already equipped with the roadmap and experience it takes to navigate unmapped consumer behavior, so step up and take 1 of 3 seats on the CMOonline Retail Predictions Panel!

"Personalization will become a priority for marketers, pre-empting the current focus on putting buyers into demographic or psychographic “buckets.”

"Hyper-targeting will take off. Organizations will need to use all data points to engage a specific individual in an action and do so under a value-based approach that makes that person feel good about the interaction."

"Customer experience will become vital to success in retail. Retailers must give customers a memorable experience to draw them into the store."

I like the debates and how organically some people went to extremes to make a point.
 Laura Perticaro

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Meet the Denver CISO Psychics

These CISOs weren't born with this gift, it took a career on the frontlines of digital defense to master the art of predicting an enemy they can't see.

13 years securing digital assets for the finance industry 

Susan Robertson

CISO, Acme Inc

A tenure at the helm of security strategy within Real Estate, Retail and Banking

Leo Davis

CISO, Acme Inc

Leading security for the largest brands in Media & Entertainment

Joann Foster

CISO, Acme Inc


THU, JUNE 24, 2021 | 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM CDT 


Chatbots to facilitate $142 Billion of retail spend by 2024, driven by omnichannel strategies.

Source: Juniper

Department stores saw drops of more than 50% in sales during March and April


Source: BCG

Spending on the customer experience has increased 71% over the last three years and is expected to grow 35% in the next three years. 


60 Minutes of Actionable Insight from Uncut CMO Directions 

Meet Our Past CMO's retail Panelist

Brian Lange

Vice President, Marketing at VF Corporation

Jordan Mauer

VP Marketing at Blue Stem

Adam Golomb

Chief Marketing Officer at Primanti Brothers

Meet the Retail's CMO Panel

These CMOs weren't born with this gift, it took a career on the frontlines of marketing strategy to master the art of predicting an enemy they can't see. 

Thomaz London

VP of Finance and CFO Connect and Control Technologies, ITT

Theresa Palermo

SVP, Marketing & Connected Commerce, Signet Jewelers